Technical Difficulties

I have been having recent technical difficulties in posting new photos, since my computer won't recognize my camera. However, I will write about some of the people I met today, and then post the pictures once my computer starts working again. 

Person 1: I approached this man in Lexington center. I took his photograph at approximately 10:10 AM. He was wearing glasses, a yellow rain jacket, slacks, a button down shirt, and converse sneakers. In his right hand he was holding a Peet's Coffee cup. I asked him "What is the best decision that you've ever made?" He responded with "Marrying my wife." 

Person 2: I approached this man in Lexington center, while he was sitting at a bench. I took his portrait at approximately 10:12 AM. He was wearing a aviator sunglasses (it was not sunny), a mustard-colored corduroy blazer, a green long-sleeve shirt, slacks, black sneakers, and white socks. He also was holding a Peet's Coffee cup in his right hand. We spoke about the best decision that he's ever made. His answer was "To go to medical school." He attended medical school at the University of Padova in Italy. When I asked about the biggest difference between Italy and the US, he replied "The [Italian] people are warmer, friendlier, and more honest, in their dealings on an everyday level."